How to Clean Your Garage Floor

blue-sky-imageIn order to keep up the appearance of your garage, an important task is maintaining a clean floor. Before picking up a mop or other supplies, you should find out what material your garage floor is made out of, the extent of how dirty the surface is, and the kind of cleaning equipment you want to use. Once you know the floor’s material, you can then purchase the appropriate cleaning accessories and construct a plan to maintain a well-kept garage floor. Consider the following before cleaning your garage floor:

Remove everything that is not anchored down.
This is an important first step because if the items are not moved out of the way, they may suffer from water damage or could simply be in the way when you are trying to clean the floors. Once the majority of the floor is clear, the application of the cleaner can begin.

Choose the necessary cleaning equipment.
There are key cleaning supplies to use when removing dirt and stains from your garage floors such as concrete degreaser, a deck brush, and a garden hose that has a high-pressure nozzle. Tide laundry detergent may be used as a substitute if you do not have access to degreaser.

Soak and scrub the floor.
Once you have the supplies that you need you can then apply the soapy solution onto a section of the garage floor and then use a deck brush to scrub that area. If the floor has an extreme amount of dirt, it may be necessary to allow the cleaning solution to set in for a few minutes after the initial scrubbing so it will work with the dirt and grime. Rise using the garden hose and repeat for the remainder of the garage floor.

Removing stains can be done after the initial cleaning of the garage floor.
Cleaning grease or oil stains can be done by wetting the stain and its surrounding areas. Then you can apply the degreaser directly on the oil spot to take advantage of its full strength. Rust stains can be removed by squeezing lemon juice towards the area with rust or by pouring vinegar and leaving it on for five minutes or more followed by rinsing it with water. Removing old paint and sealer stains can be done with a chemical stripper.

Squeegee all wet areas to clear out the water in low spots.

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