How To Create More Space in Your Garage with Overhead Storage

Keeping Garage CoolWhat do you see when you open your garage door? Is there a chance you might not even see your car because there’s no space to park it? If your garage has turned into a storage unit for your bikes, sports gear, and lawn supplies instead of the garage it was intended to be, you can take back a lot of storage space by moving it up above you.

Overhead storage allows you to move what’s in your garage, upward and out of sight until you need it. There are numerous options for creating overhead storage depending on the configuration of your garage.

Option #1 – Overhead Celing Storage Racks

Steel overhead ceiling storage racks attach to your ceiling and can be custom cut to fit into the available space of your garage. These steel racks can hold up to 600 pounds each and can be installed by the garage owner or an installer of the product.

Option #2 – Overhead Storage Loft

If you have ample ceiling space in your garage, building a simple loft can give you a second level of valuable storage. Having a qualified contractor build your loft insures your safety and that your loft follows any codes and regulations your city may have. But you can also build it yourself. Instructions on how to build a garage loft can be found online.

Option #3 – Construct a Garage with a Second Story

For those who want the ultimate in garage storage, the sky is the limit when going upwards. Building a 2 story garage gives you the option of storing everything you need in a garage. It also gives you the option to create a space for a home office, or artist studio, or mancave. At Blue Sky Builders, we have the experience of building many 2 story garages for our customers. To see examples of the custom garages we build, please visit our photo gallery.

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