How to Improve Storage in your Illinois Garage

how-to-improve-storageThe garage is the perfect place for a multitude of things. The garage can quickly become a catch-all for many objects, whether you use the space for storing automotive supplies, working on projects or crafts, a place to stash outdoor furniture, or organizing gardening equipment. However, this habit can quickly become a messy problem when storage begins to clutter. You may find yourself running short of room to keep everything organized. Luckily, there are several measures you can take to keep your garage in order and hold the clutter at bay.

Blank Canvas

Starting off with a clean slate is the simplest way to create adequate storage systems, but often this is not our situation. When faced with the task of organizing, try your best to declutter and go through everything in your garage as best you can.

  • Eliminate anything you no longer need – Over the years, you may have hung onto spare parts, bits of wood, or old furniture that you do not have use for. Consider donating or getting rid of these things to free up valuable space.
  • Group like things together – It can be a bit of a challenge to decide what things should go together, but committing to any method of grouping can greatly improve your organization. 
  • Set aside anything that might be better suited in another location – Many things that may be stored in a garage may be better suited for a different location. Electronics, paint, and certain chemicals are not great with temperature changes. An uninsulated garage may spoil or damage these items. Consider moving them into a basement or storage closet if possible.

Storage Containers 

After you have established a firm grasp on what you have in your garage, you can organize and store things more efficiently. Cabinets and storage bins are ideal for storage. Cabinets are convenient for tools and items you use more regularly and need access to. For things such as seasonal items and equipment, consider keeping these items in storage bins that easily stack. You may not be able to access all of the bins as easily, but they will not take up as much space and will stay neat and tidy in the bins. 

Make sure to implement a labeling system of sorts so you know what is in each bin and cabinet so you don’t have to go digging every time you need something.

Stay Organized with our Chicago Area Restoration Professionals

Perhaps the hardest part of cleaning and organization is maintaining the habit of keeping up with it. With a modest system in place and the appropriate storage space, your garage can be an efficient and clean space. If you are looking for additional ideas and methods to increase space and storage, reach out to our Downers Grove garage restoration experts at Blue Sky Builders by calling 630-852-8485 today!

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