How to Keep Your DuPage County Garage as Secure as Possible

How-to-Keep-Your-DuPage-County-Garage-as-Secure-as-PossibleHome security is one of the most important things to a homeowner. As homeowners, we take multiple measures to ensure our family’s safety. One of the more overlooked parts of the home when it comes to security is the garage. The experts at Blue Sky Builders are looking out for you and your family and have some of the most beneficial tips to keep your garage as secure as possible.

Locking the Door to Your Home

If you have an attached garage, the connecting door to the home may go overlooked some nights. Keep vigilant and check to ensure it is locked at night so that in the event that intruders find their way into your garage, they cannot get any further into your home. It is also advisable to lock this door if you are leaving for the day and no one will be present at home. 

Hide Your Valuables

A window can liven up a garage but allows unwanted eyes to see inside. If you store anything of significant value in the garage, keep it out of eyesight and covered if possible. Classic furniture you may be restoring, new tools, or expensive sporting equipment are often kept in storage out in a garage and are easy targets for robbers. 

Additional Locks

Most garage access side doors are only equipped with a single lock on the door knob. Consider adding a deadbolt onto the door, or installing a reinforced door with multiple locks. 

Lighting and Cameras

Motion-sensitive lights and security cameras are typically easy to install and are a huge deterrent for burglars. Motion-activated lights are most useful at night but are not very effective during the day when most homeowners are at work. Modern technology has multiple options for home security and surveillance, many of which connect to your phone. This can give you peace of mind that your home is safe, even when you are away from it. 

Do Not Leave Garage Door Openers in Your Car

If you keep any cars parked outside but still have garage-door openers in the vehicles, a robber can get into the car and use the remote to gain access to your home. Consider taking your opener into the house at night, or installing a new system for your garage door. Some garage door systems now have settings that allow the door to only be controlled from the inside. If you choose to get such a system installed, you can set it at night so the remotes will not work until you disarm the lock. 

Contact the DuPage County Custom Garage Specialists

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