How to Prepare Your Garage for An Electric Car

Blue Sky Image (1)Buying an electric car offers consumers a number of immediate benefits: a quieter engine, reduced operation costs, and, of course, the elimination of emissions. Drawing power from an electrical battery source, these cars can drive without gasoline for anywhere from 100 miles to 300 miles before they need to be charged.

When you purchase your new electric car, it is important to understand how to prepare your garage for your new ride. The following tips can help you make your garage well-suited for your electric car:

Implement a charging station in your garage to properly charge your electric car. In order to transform your garage into a charging station, you will need to do is convert a power outlet in your garage into a 240-volt source. The typical outlets found in homes include two 120-volt sources, so you will likely need to contact an electrician who can assist you in converting your power outlet into a 240-volt source.

Once you have you have a compatible power source, it is time to choose your Electric Vehicle Service Equipment (EVSE). By using a 25-foot cord, EVSE’s convert AC power from your house into DV power that can be used by your car. It is important to place your EVSE close to your usual parking space so that you can conveniently charge your car inside your garage.

With a price range that runs between $500 to $700, it is important to purchase an EVSE with a minimum of 30 amperage capacity instead of 15. By choosing a 30-amp EVSE, you will be able to charge your car in two to         three hour periods throughout the day—rather than waiting for the eight to ten-hour charges required by a 15-amp EVSE.

In addition to installing your EVSE, it is also important to consider any safety ramifications your charging station presents. As always, electrical components should not be handled by children, and any outlets or cords             should remain dry at all times. To ensure that your EVSE is as safe as possible, be sure to install it out of the reach of children and always wrap the cord so that it does not hang down low, near the ground.

Another safety consideration to take is to always make certain that you completely charge your vehicle prior to beginning any long-distance travels. Unlike gasoline-powered cars, EV charging stations are not common and running low on charge can lead to situations that leave you stranded on the side of a road.

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