How to Prevent Fires in Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage fire preventionMany garages serve as in-home storage facilities where families keep items that are used outside or which cannot fit inside their home. Whether it be a car, summer toys, or old family photographs, garages are a great place to store things. However, many people also place dangerous chemicals and combustible materials inside of their garages. Sometimes, machinery such as a garage door or other garage hardware can create friction or sparks, which can lead to a fire. Because of this potential danger, it is wise to take steps to prevent a possible fire in your garage.

1. Store Combustible and Flammable Materials Safely

This step may sound obvious, but a surprising number of people do not store flammable materials such as gasoline or oil safely in their garage. The excuse for doing so is that a person never thought an accident or fire would happen to them. The truth is that gas and oil can very quickly catch fire, and even the fumes are explosive. While it is advisable that you do not keep these materials in your garage at all, if you must do so, then be sure they are in properly sealed containers and stored away from electrical outlets and heaters.

2.  Follow Safety Procedures When Using Electrical Outlets and Extension Cords

Not only are extension cords a tripping hazard, but they can cause fires as well. Old extension cords or poorly maintained electrical outlets can start fires due to sparks from old or exposed wiring. In addition, an electrical surge can cause equipment and wiring to be burnt out, and repairs may cost you hundreds of thousands of dollars.

3. Prepare for a Potential Fire

Sadly, not all preventative measures can stop garage fires. That is why you need to prepare for every possibility. You can do so by purchasing smoke detectors to alert you if a piece of equipment in your garage is smoking. You should also keep a fire extinguisher in your garage so that you can stop any potential fire before it engulfs the garage and burns your entire house down.

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The best way to prevent garage fires is to make sure that your garage is designed and built correctly. At Blue Sky Builders, our DuPage County custom garage professionals can help you design and build a garage that meets your needs and provides protection against fires or other dangers. Please contact us today by calling 630-852-8485.

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