How to Test your Garage Door Spring for Damage

Blue Sky Builders garage door spring inspectionYour garage door has a set life span. Parts will eventually degrade due to use, wear, and tear, and they will need to be replaced. However, few parts of a garage door system will typically degrade as quickly as the garage door spring. The spring is the most important part in helping your garage door to function. It allows your garage door to open and close without damage being done to the structure of your garage, but each time you open and close your door, the spring gradually gets weaker and weaker. This means that it is essential to regularly inspect the spring and ensure that it is able to function correctly. When checking your garage door spring, there are few things to look for:

  • A good test to determine whether your garage door spring is beginning to falter is to open your garage door manually. Disengage your automatic garage door opener and manually raise the garage door to a variety of heights, including the very top and the midway point. If the door is able to stay in those positions by itself, then the spring is still usable. However, if the door moves or falls back down to the ground, then the spring needs to be replaced.
  • Other signs that the wear and tear have finally gotten to your spring can be seen upon a physical inspection. If there are significant warping, corrosion, or gaps in the spring, then this is a clear sign that the spring is getting old and should be replaced soon.
  • The most obvious signs that the spring on your garage door is in its final days can be witnessed during its day to day use. If your garage door has begun to get “jerky” when it opens and closes, further inspection might be called for. Also, if your garage door begins to fall too quickly when closing, that is another signal that the spring is beginning to lose its full functionality.

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Your garage door spring only has a set number of uses, and after years of operation, it will break down and fail. If your spring is showing its age, the Downers Grove garage professionals at Blue Sky Builders can replace it, and we can help you understand other options that can help you get the most benefit from your garage. To learn more, contact us at 630-852-8485.

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