Is it Time to Update Your Garage’s Windows?

chicago garage builderThere are many ways you can update an existing garage and improve the usefulness and value of your home. By adding new windows or replacing your old ones, you can freshen up your garage, lighten up the interior, and provide better protection. While replacing existing windows is a common option, a garage renovation expert may be able to help determine if you could enlarge the existing windows or even add new windows to your existing garage. Whatever window option you choose, there are many benefits to updating your garage’s windows.

  • Let in a breeze – Ventilation in a garage is always important, especially during a hot Chicago summer. You can choose hinged casement or awning windows that both operate on a crank or double-hung windows which slide up and down. Either way, more air circulating through your garage will make it more comfortable.
  • Bring in the Light – Newer windows with larger panes of glass can provide additional natural light into your garage. Additional windows or enlarging existing windows is another option. To allow for additional light but also provide privacy for your valuable possessions inside, frosted glass or a plastic coating is also available. Windows on a garage, whether it is attached or stand-alone, can match the existing windows on your house. It is important to check with an expert on whether adding additional windows to your garage or enlarging the existing ones is structurally possible.
  • Added security – Newer windows have better security features, including better locking mechanisms to prevent thieves from accessing your garage and possibly your house through an old window. An old fragile, single-paned window is a tempting access point, so it is best to replace it with a strong new vinyl replacement window.
  • Increased curb appeal – New windows on a garage, just like your house, can improve the look of your garage and add curb appeal. Windows provide an appealing design element for an otherwise plain exterior wall of siding or brick. We can offer a wide variety of grid patterns and colors. To dress your windows up even more, you can add flower boxes. 

Call Our Chicago Garage Window Professionals

If you are looking for new window options for your garage, or for any garage project questions, contact our Downers Grove garage renovation specialists at Blue Sky Garages. We can provide you with the options and pricing you need to improve or replace your existing garage. Call our office at 630-852-8485 to schedule your free estimate today.

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