Is Your Garage Ready For Summer?

Garage Ready for SummerGarage sales, barbecues, parties. Activity in the garage increases exponentially during the summer months. It is important to prepare your garage in advance for the coming months. 

The Chamberlain Group, a residential and commercial access solutions manufacturer of LiftMaster garage door openers offers these tips to get your garage in gear for summer:

  • Summer means increased traffic through your garage. Therefore, perform a periodic safety inspection of your garage door. This is especially important for those garage doors equipped with automatic openers.
  • Test your garage door opener’s safety reverse mechanism monthly. How? Use a piece of wood and place it in the path of the door. Next, close the garage door. The door should automatically reverse and return to the open position. If not, the door needs to be adjusted in order to be safe.
  • Organizational needs change throughout seasons. Place items you will need for summer months in an easy to access place near the exit to the garage. For example, you may want to place a grill, toys, or a lawn mower close to the exit so it is easier for you to access.
  • Surprisingly, grass clippings actually help keep dust under control. Therefore, next time you mow the lawn, sprinkle the lawn clippings on the floor of your garage. Sweep the fresh lawn clippings away and take note of the reduced dust in the future.
  • Remove flammable items. You can start by eliminating oily or greasy rags because they are highly flammable. Also, it is important to keep a fire extinguisher in an accessible area in case of emergency.
  • Finally, take measures to protect your garage. After all, the garage serves as an entrance into your home. It is especially important to protect your garage while you are on summer vacation. For example, a LiftMaster Fingerprint Keyless Entry recognizes up to 10 fingerprints, preventing anyone from entering your garage while you are on vacation. 

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