Keep Your Pets Safe in Your Garage

Untitled designDuring warmer months when foot traffic increases through your garage, it is important to keep your garage safe for children, other members of your family, and anyone else who may enter. However, it also is essential to keep an eye on potential hazards to your pets. Keeping a well-maintained and clean garage will keep them safe too.

Make sure your garage floor is free from any spills, leaks, or even old chemical stains. Your pet may be tempted to drink or lick anything that is on the floor. The most common source is from your car, truck, or other vehicles, so make sure you check under them carefully. Antifreeze has a sweet smell and taste that may be attractive to pets, but it can be extremely dangerous. Petroleum Projects, such as gasoline, paint thinner, and motor oil are also commonly found in garages and can be harmful if ingested or even inhaled by your pet.

Pesticides and other lawn chemicals can also be particularly harmful to human and pet populations alike. Prevent spills and keep them high up on shelves away from curious mouths and paws. Many lawn chemicals also come in small, granular forms and can be easily spilled before or after application. A good sweeping or hosing down of the floor of your garage can help eliminate the threat.

Dangerous substances aren’t the only hazards that can threaten your pet’s safety in a garage. If your pet likes to chew on things, keeping your tools hung up and off of the garage floor will eliminate any temptations your pet may have to gnaw. Make sure that wires or cords aren’t left dangling, the workbench or storage shelves are closed, and toolboxes are put away. If you keep your garbage cans in the garage, make sure they are secured so they cannot be easily knocked over, allowing their contents to be consumed.

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A clean garage is a safe garage. By keeping your garage clean and free of hazards, all members of the family, even those with four legs, will be able to use the space safely. You can keep your garage useful and safe with optimum storage methods, including cabinets, hutches, and lofts. With decades of experience building and optimizing garages in Chicago and DuPage County, you can trust Blue Sky Builders to help you make the most out of your garage space. Call our Downers Grove garage professionals today at 630-852-8485 to find out how we can build or renovate the perfect garage for you. 



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