Landscaping Ideas for Beautifying Your Garage

Landscaping-Ideas-for-Beautifying-Your-GarageWhile the weather seems to be stubborn this year, spring will soon be here in full bloom, and you are probably excited to finally get outside again. As temperatures rise and the skies start to clear, the time is coming when you can enjoy the sunshine and get some things done around the outside of your home. Perhaps you are thinking about pulling out old, dead shrubs or bushes and planting vibrant new greenery around your house and driveway. Or, maybe you have ideas for flower beds that will brighten up your front walk. As you make your outdoor to-do list for this spring and summer, do not forget about the areas around your garage.

Greenery Can Improve the Look of Your Garage

Certain types of bushes, shrubs, and other green plants are more conducive to the climate in the Midwest than others. The Midwest is known for lots of rain, high heat and humidity in the summer, and of course, cold and snowy winters. Plantain lilies, more commonly known as hostas, are hardy green plants that are perennial favorites among gardening hobbyists. Their lush foliage and ease of care make them perfect for a low-maintenance bed. Other plants might be chosen for their ability to ward off pests, such as marigolds which tend to repel mosquitoes.

Ideally, your landscaping should complement your house and garage when it comes to style, scale, materials, and color. Trees can help frame the structure or architectural features of your home and garage, but they should not overwhelm or hide your home. Multi-level landscaping that includes greenery, colorful flowers, borders, edges, and curves can make your home and garage more appealing and welcoming.

A Few Simple Ideas

If you are having trouble deciding on how to enhance your garage’s look, consider some of these ideas:

  • Planter boxes on the outside of garage windows
  • New pavers or stones to create a walkway around your garage
  • A gate or trellis leading to your front or side yard
  • Concrete statues such as angels or animals on either side of your garage door
  • Wrought-iron, wood, or glass décor on your garage door or siding
  • Birdhouses, birdbaths, or bird feeders in the beds around your garage

Whatever you decide to do, your outdoor decorating should reflect your own unique style and complement the overall appearance of your home’s exterior.

Speak with a Chicago Garage Expert

For more information about adding landscaping around your garage this spring, reach out to a DuPage County custom garage professional to discuss your ideas. At Blue Sky Builders, we take pride in helping our friends and neighbors enhance and show off their homes. Call 630-852-8485 to get started today.



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