More than Storage: The Gallery of Garage Havens

Garage MakeoverAs a leading custom garage builder, we have seen (and built) a few amazing garages in our 36 years.  Throughout this history, we have seen a big change in the garage concept, discovering more and more homeowners are taking garage building to the next level.

From man caves to celebrity car havens, the garage has become more than a place where homeowners store their lawn mowers, snow blowers, and tools.  Today, we’d like to share with you some of the most interesting uses of garages we’ve seen.

The Garage Band Haven

The lowly garage band.  From Credence Clearwater Revival to Nirvana to The Who, hundreds of artists started in garages.   Today, homeowners turn to the garage to ‘rock out.’  Thanks to DIY Network’s Garage Mahals, host Bill Goldberg helped one family turn their garage into a multi-functional garage/stage combo.

Wine Lovers’ Garage Haven

Love wine? Who doesn’t? With the right assistance and climate control tools (a must), the garage could make for a wine lover’s paradise.  The video below, shared by Wine Cellars by Coastal, shows how your garage could house your vintage wines, even in the summer and winter months.

Please note, we’ll build you the room, but we recommend a wine cellar builder to finish the project.

The Garage Bar

Another option for someone looking to get out of the house without having to deal with going to the bar is that of the garage bar.  For the basic do it yourself-er, this could be as easy as building a bar, repurposing a mini-fridge, and buying some bar stools.  However, for a true homeowner haven, we’d like to share with you how Garage Mahals turned one garage into a true-to-life English Pub, complete with stone fireplace and 6 am (US Time) Chelsea FC games.

And of Course, the Car Lover’s Haven

In the garage, the car has always been king. Wall Street Journal shares some of the ultimate garages from across the United States, some including a few of the prior garage features.

What Else?

The garage has become a bigger part of the home for some.  These are just a few of the interesting things people have done to their garages, a spacious place where creativity can shine.  Looking for a few other great garage ideas? Here are a couple:

For even more garage ideas, check out the gallery on House Logic. For the builders who can turn your garage dream into a reality, contact custom garage builder Blue Sky Builders.

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