New Year’s Garage Resolutions

blue-sky-imageAs you ring in 2017, you may have created a list of New Year’s resolutions. When writing down what you wish to accomplish in the next 12 months, adding the task of examining your garage could be beneficial to consider. 

Overall garage maintenance: There are a number of issues that can happen to your garage throughout the long winter months in Illinois. In order to ensure that your garage stays in good condition, a yearly examination is essential to discovering any problematic issues. Some of these issues may have a temporary fix, but you have to consider the long term affects each problem may have to the garage. The best option may be to invest and replace specific parts instead of repairing them so that they are functional and safe. 

Shingles that are not intact: There are certain signs that signify that you may need new shingles on your garage roof. If they are curling or buckling, this means that they are way past their life expectancy and you will need to replace them. Additionally, you could be missing a few singles. In that case, replace them immediately.

When your roof is sagging: Different factors can create a sagging effect on your garage roof. One could be damage from snow and rain. Over time, this water damage could lead you to replace major sections, even the entire roof as a whole.

Once the gutters start to crack: Sometimes, shingles that have fallen off may even slide into your garage gutters. It is important to check whether or not they are clogged with shingles, and while you are up, look to see if anything else is preventing the gutter’s flow or if there are any cracks.

Pest and rodents are sneaking in through the cracks: If there is any cracks in your garage, mice or other kinds of rodents will be able to crawl in. Read our blog on how to prevent mice from nesting in your garage to learn more about preventative measures you can take when checking for a rodent.

Replacing a concrete slab: It would be rare to have to replace a concrete slab because they are typically durable enough to last for decades. However, the average minimum cost of a slab is between $5-$19 per square foot.

For more tips on how to examine your garage for the new year, visit Blue Sky Builders online or call 630-852-8485 today. Contact our specialized team of Chicago garage experts to discover what styles we recommend, organizational help, and how we install quality garage doors for your home.

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