Preparing Your Garage for the Illinois Winter

Preparing-Your-Garage-for-the-Illinois-WinterWinter is rapidly approaching and with it, the cold temperatures of DuPage County. As the weather changes, you may find yourself using your garage less for projects and primarily for storage and protecting your vehicle. Make sure you are prepared for the frigid temperatures by getting your garage in order and organized to the best of your ability. Staying on top of your garage tasks and responsibilities can leave you with a fresh mindset the following spring season.

Tidy Up the Space

Before the big chill, make sure your garage is in order. You don’t want all your tools and items laying about when the temperatures drop. Cleaning up and putting everything away as best you can keep you feeling good about your space all through the colder months. Additionally, with everything in an organized system, you will be able to locate whatever you may need in the garage faster. This ensures that in the event of grabbing something from the garage, you are not stuck out in the cold digging around for a misplaced hammer or light.

Keep in the Heat

Check the seals around your doors and windows and make sure they are in good shape. If there are any gaps or cracks, be sure to fill them in. If you have thinner windows, consider investing in seasonal weather treatment to help retain heat. Also, close off any vents that may be leading into your home that are exposing your home to the cold winter air. 

If you spend a good amount of time in the garage even during the winter months, consider getting your garage professionally insulated. Adding insulation to the walls and ceiling can not only save on heating bills during winter but this upgrade will keep you comfortable in your garage as you spend time in it. 

Prepare Equipment for Extreme Temperatures 

If you have a water heater in your garage, it could be a good idea to insulate it. This can be especially beneficial on extremely cold nights with sub-zero temperatures. Insulating blankets can be used to cover the water heater to keep it warm.

Larger pieces of equipment that may be stored in the garage should be prepped as well. Any lawn equipment such as weed whackers, mowers, hedge trimmers, or leaf blowers will not be needed over winter so keep them covered. Additionally, you can disconnect the batteries and add a fuel stabilizer to help combat the extreme cold. 

Be Ready for Snow

Accessibility is key –– make sure you have every thing you need in case of a winter snow storm. This means digging out the snow shovel, gloves, de-icer, snow melt or kitty litter, snow blower, and ice scrapers. It also may be a good idea to make a small area for wet shoes or snow boots in the garage so you do not track any unwanted water and mud into your home.

Reach out to our Chicago Area Custom Garage Builders!

With winter creeping into our area, make certain your home and garage are adequately prepared for any harsh temperatures or storms that may come our way. Contacting our Downers Grove custom garage builders will ensure you get the correct defense you need against the changing seasons. Call 630-852-8485 today and let Blue Sky Builders help keep your space protected against old man winter!

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