Setting up an Office in Your Chicago Area Garage

Setting-up-an-Office-in-Your-Chicago-Area-GarageAs we are making our way into the new year, some of us have been hard at work reinvigorating ourselves with our New Year’s resolutions. Perhaps you have taken it upon yourself to work on some new projects or hobbies? A large part of keeping ourselves interested in particular projects is having an appropriate space to work in. If your home doesn’t have such a space, looking out to your garage can become a viable option. With the help of Blue Sky Builders, converting your garage into an office or work space can be much easier than you might imagine.

Where to Begin

Space is an issue many of us deal with in regard to our homes and garage. If you are running short on space within your garage, the first step may be to look into reorganizing and sorting through the clutter. Consider using overhead storage or reassigning some items to other parts of the house.

Next, you must decide how large the office should be. Are you looking for something small with just a desk and some shelving? This could be adequate for projects and hobbies such as writing, puzzle building, or painting. If this is your situation, a small section of the garage can be converted into the desired space. 

However, if your needs are much larger, and you will need room for multiple desks, shelves, and tables, perhaps converting the entirety of the garage is the move for you. This of course is a trickier option if your garage is full, but if your projects require lots of space, then this is definitely an option to take. No matter the size, clearing out what you will be converting is the first move to make.

Making the Change

There are still many options to weigh, but based on the size of your desired office, you can begin to choose the other features of the renovated space.

Walls – Putting up drywall to separate the office space from the rest of the garage can help establish the office as its own room. If you are converting the entire garage, you may want to install some new walling or paneling. You may need to include adding insulation to the walls during this step.

Flooring – Laying down new flooring or carpeting can be a nice personal touch to warm the room. If you are only converting part of the garage, consider flooring that is resistant to stains and dirt since you may be moving back and forth between the garage and the office.

Lighting – Most garages do not have the most appealing lighting, and installing new lights can reinvent the room.

Furniture – Finally, choosing the chairs, tables, desks, and other pieces of furniture bring the room to life. Adding in other personalizations such as art or plants can really create an inspiring environment.

Make the Change with Our Downers Grove Custom Garage Builders

If you are in need of a space for your projects, reaching out to Blue Sky Builders is the first step to making your garage into your dream office. Call 630-852-8485 today to get in touch with our DuPage County garage renovation experts!

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