Sharing Thanksgiving Kindness Out of Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders Thanksgiving Garage SaleToday is November 1st, and Thanksgiving is just around the corner. Families throughout the Chicago area and DuPage County are planning their get-togethers with extended family, and Thanksgiving meals are being planned. Even though most families have some plans on Thursday, November 23rd, there are some people who cannot afford a Thanksgiving dinner. For many years, communities and organizations have come together to help those in need have a better Thanksgiving experience. These groups raise money to provide Thanksgiving meals, as well as shelter and meals for the future. In order to raise money for Thanksgiving dinners for those in need, some families have even gone above and beyond to convert their garage into a charity event.

Garage Sales for a Cause

You can always convert your garage into a place to sell your unwanted items, and it is up to you to decide how you want to allocate your earnings from a garage sale. Since Thanksgiving is coming up, you may want to consider donating the money made from a garage sale to a charity to help others in need. You can also send a message on social media to extended family and friends and ask them what they would like to donate to the charity garage sale. If you get most of your family and friends to join you, then you will have plenty of items to sell and potentially make more money for the charity of your choice.

What Should Go Into a Charity Garage Sale

If you have some old clothes that you do not wear anymore, then you can sell those items to make money for your charity. Since it is already the beginning of November, many people are also starting to think about their holiday shopping, and it might be a good idea to sell the Christmas and holiday decorations that you do not use anymore. You can also consider adding the following to your charity garage sale:

  • Flower arrangements;
  • Books;
  • CDs and music albums;
  • Toys and games;
  • Jewelry;
  • Furniture and bedding; and
  • Kitchen appliances.

What to Do if Everything Is Not Sold?

While you may sell most of the items in your garage sale, it is likely that some unsold items will be left over. Whatever you do not sell can be donated to the cause you are raising money for or another local charity. A few other suggestions include:

  • Setting up another charity garage sale in the future;
  • Considering bulk sales of unsold clothes; and
  • Selling your unsold electronics to recycling companies.

Call Blue Sky Builders Today

Thanksgiving is meant to be a holiday that brings people together for good food and good laughs. It is always important to help others have a good Thanksgiving as well. Hosting a charity event can take place anywhere. If you have enough space in your garage, then that is one of the best places to host such an event. Located in Downers Grove, Illinois, Blue Sky Builders has over 38 years of experience in the garage sector, and will always go above and beyond to service your garage needs. Please contact us at 630-852-8485. To check out our work, please visit our gallery.

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