Sizing Up: How Big Should Your Garage Footprint Be?

Blue Sky Builders expanding  your garage footprint“I want our next garage to be smaller,” said nobody ever. But when you think about pouring concrete for a new garage, how big should you make the footprint? Here are several things to consider:

Sizing an Illinois Garage for Vehicle Parking

New homes built in the North Central U.S. are much more likely to have three-car garages than in other parts of the U.S. Of all new single-family homes completed in 2017 nationwide, 65% had a two-car garage, and 20% had a three-car garage or larger. In the East North Central region that includes Illinois, 33% of new homes had a three-car or larger garage.

Aside from regional trends and resale value, here are a few other factors to consider when sizing up your parking needs:
Is off-street parking available in your neighborhood, particularly for overnight guests? You may want to make the concrete apron outside your garage wide enough to make room for kids’ and guests’ cars.
What size vehicles do you drive? Full-size trucks or SUVs will need more room than compact cars.
Are you concerned about aging in place or providing access for a relative? Consider setting aside space for a wheelchair or walker-friendly ramp.

Expanding a Custom Garage for Storage in Illinois

A two-car garage with one large garage door is still the most common format, but that does not mean you cannot think a little bigger. If your lot size and local zoning allow for it, consider making a new garage a little wider or longer than your old one. This extra indoor storage space can be put to many good uses, perhaps as a hobby space for woodworking or gardening.

Adding a Paved Patio Adjacent to a Garage

You may not think a patio and a garage have anything to do with one another, but they do. Both require you to scrape off topsoil, create a hard, level base, and install pavement. As long as you are preparing the ground for a garage, it may be cost-efficient to make space for a patio at the same time.

Ground-level patios have risen in popularity in the U.S. The National Association of Home Builders reported that of all new single-family homes started in 2017, 59% included patios, up from 48% in 2011. Paved patios have grown in popularity in part because they are perceived as less costly to maintain than a wooden deck. A patio also fits with the growing popularity of firepits as a backyard focal point for entertaining.

In urban areas when lots are quite small, such as in Chicago and its suburbs, many people are building a deck or patio on top of their garage. This is allowed in many places and is definitely something to consider.

Expand Your Garage with Blue Sky Builders

Blue Sky Builders of Downers Grove has been building custom garages in Chicago and the surrounding suburbs for over 39 years. If you are thinking about expanding your garage or building a new one, contact us at 630-852-8485.

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