Spring-Clean Your Garage in 5 Easy Steps

Spring is here—finally—and for many Chicagoland homeowners, that means just one thing: Spring cleaning. So when you look around and size things up, what area seems most in need of decluttering and reorganizing? Your garage, of course! But fear not: The simplest path to an orderly garage is to clean it up in an orderly way. Here are five steps to do just that.

  • Start by clearing everything out. Step One to creating order is to know what you’ve got. The simplest way to do that is to get everything out of the garage and put it in piles on a plastic tarp, where you can see it and sort it. (The tarp helps protect your driveway from any leaky oil or paint spills.)
  • Clean the garage itself. Keep your garage door and any windows open to air out the space. Then sweep up the dirt, dust, and any accumulated salt deposits from winter, taking a hose to the garage floor for more stubborn areas. Use soap and water on your walls and shelves to rejuvenate them.
  • Examine the garage door and opener. Clean them as needed, and check for any rust, warped parts, or other damage to the door itself. Inspect the springs, tracks, rollers, pulleys, and hinges. Feel free to lube them if they need it, but please call in the professionals for any parts replacement.
  • Wash down the windows, frames, wood trim, and siding. After the rigors of winter, those windows, trim, and doorframes will need some deep cleaning. And you’ll be surprised how fresh that outside siding will look after a good power washing.
  • Now it’s time to organize your space. This is your chance to examine your needs and your goods; designate what you want to throw away, give away, and keep; and reclaim some precious space as summer approaches. How do you want to access those bikes, that sports and camping gear, your lawn and garden equipment? This may be the time to add or replace storage solutions like cabinets, specialty shelving, or rack units.

Creative Storage Ideas to Consider

Creative storage can help you organize your garage and keep it clutter free. As you clean our your garage, consider using:

  • A track system on the walls using sliding hooks, to make room for rakes and shovels, ladders, etc.
  •  Pegboards above your workbench to bring order to your tools
  • Rolling shelves with mounted wheels to add versatility and easier access to your space
  •  Ceiling-mounted shelves or tracks to free up floor space by hanging bins out of the way till needed
  •  A pulley system with hooks attached to cables to hang bikes easier from the walls or ceiling

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