Sprucing Up the Exterior of Your Garage

DuPage County Custom Garage BuildersThe outside of a garage is subject to some harsh weather, especially in the Chicago area. Strong winds, heavy rain, snow and ice, and even the sun can all age and damage your garage exterior. But what are you to do if the interior of the garage is still in good condition and you are not looking for a totally new build? Our experts at Blue Sky Builders are here to revitalize and refresh your garage.

Is it Worth Repairing?

If your garage has encountered bad weather or received damage, you may be wondering if it is worth having it fixed. Like your home, even small cracks or holes can let in moisture and lead to further damage and could eventually compromise the garage itself. 

Patching up small cracks or holes may look unsightly and may not always fix the issue. Replacing the damaged siding or roof is your best bet at protecting yourself against the elements. In many cases, storm damage is covered by many insurance policies and can assist in the project.

Even if your exterior has not been damaged, you may still be interested in updating or refreshing your garage. Vinyl siding and paint fade over the years, but are easily updated and can make a remarkable difference.

Refresh the Same Look or Update?

When you’ve decided to replace the exterior of your garage, it is a good opportunity to evaluate if you want to update the look or not.  

  • Perhaps the house has been painted over the years and the garage no longer matches it? 
  • Maybe you have plans to update your home’s look and want to begin with the garage?
  • Does your neighborhood require you to stick to a certain design?
  • Maybe you want to change the color of the shingles to match a newly replaced roof on your home?

If you are happy with the current look of your garage, it can be restored to the fresh look it had when it was first built. A new life can be given to the garage without having to do a full change-up. 

Though most garages have vinyl siding, it may be worth considering switching it up. There are many materials that could be used to accent the outside of your garage including:

  • Wood
  • Brick
  • Metal 
  • Concrete
  • Stone

Make the Call Today!

No matter if you are looking to update your garage with a new look or refresh your current look, the expert custom builders at Blue Sky Builders are ready to assist you. Call 630-852-8485 today to set up your free estimate!


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