Tips on Driveway Safety

Blue Sky Image (1)It seems as though every year we hear about unfortunate circumstances involving children and cars on driveways. Whether it involves a child running behind an SUV as they chase a ball or possibly a toddler who finds him or herself locked inside a car, these accidents can happen to anybody and it is important to make sure that you take all of these precautions seriously. Read more

Tips on Running a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Tips

An important aspect of maintaining your house and garage is keeping it clear of clutter. A good tactic is to do this at least once or twice a year. However, when you decide what you want to part with, what do you do with it? Rather than throwing your old belongings in the trash, you can make a profit and hold a garage sale. In the summer months, many shoppers traverse their neighborhoods for the best deals on gently used items. Read below for our steps on how to prepare a successful garage sale and make some money out of your garage this summer.
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Garage Additions: What To Consider

Garage AdditionsVia:  houselogic – Evaluate Your House for a Garage Addition

Maybe you’re tired of getting drenched as you dash to your car on stormy days. Or you dream about having more space for storage, a workshop, a home gym, a kids’ play area, or even an office. If you’re thinking about a garage addition, it’s a decent investment. Remodeling magazine’s  Cost vs. Value Report found that a home owner who invests the national average of $48,806 in a midrange, two-car garage addition can expect to recoup about 64% of the cost at resale.

Before you can decide whether to go ahead with a garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions:

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