Options for Adding a Breezeway to Your Detached Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage breezeway constructionMany older homes have “detached” garages, which means they are separate structures from the main house. Newer, more modern residential architecture typically has the garage “attached” to the house. This makes it convenient for homeowners to exit their vehicles and enter their mud room, entryway, or kitchen without having to go outside. Illinois residents may particularly like this option, since it means that they do not have to brave the elements, especially during inclement weather or when it is dark. A connected breezeway that goes between your home and garage provides a covered space to improve traffic flow into your home. As with any type of house renovation or addition, you will want to be sure to explore your options and consider your needs, as well as how these changes will complement your existing garage and house.   Read more

Is a Detached Garage Right for Your Home?

Blue Sky Builders detached garage benefitsIf you are a soon-to-be or current homeowner, you may need to make decisions about how you will use your garage or whether you will need to make any renovations. Depending on your personal preferences and your family’s needs, you may need to determine the style of garage that you plan to have on your property. While some people may choose to have a garage attached to their home, others may make their garage a free-standing structure. Before embarking on a garage construction project, it is important to discuss your plans and goals with a trained professional.  Read more

Tips on Driveway Safety

Blue Sky Image (1)It seems as though every year we hear about unfortunate circumstances involving children and cars on driveways. Whether it involves a child running behind an SUV as they chase a ball or possibly a toddler who finds him or herself locked inside a car, these accidents can happen to anybody and it is important to make sure that you take all of these precautions seriously. Read more

Pros and Cons of an Attached vs. Detached Garage

detached-vs-attached-garageThere are various pros and cons to consider when deciding if an attached or detached garage is best for your property. The most important question to ask yourself is: “What will the main use of the garage be?” This can be determined by the number of cars you own, how much storage space you need, and safety exits you wish to provide for your family. There are benefits to both attached and detached garages, however, sometimes the cons can outweigh the pros. You can determine what type of garage is right for your needs after comparing all possible scenarios.

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Why a Detached Garage Is Right for You

detachedIf you are in need of a new garage, you are faced with an important choice; do you build an attached or detached garage? Both designs have unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to consider your lot size and the intended purpose of your new structure when choosing between the two. Attached garages are often cheaper, as contractors are able to utilize one of your home’s pre-existing walls during construction. For those with limited space, however, or for homeowners looking for more freedom during the building process, a detached garage is often the right choice. Below we detail the reasons a detached garage may be the best choice for your home, and some downsides to consider as well.
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Keeping Your Detached Garage Warm This Winter

draftyAre you dealing with a drafty detached garage this winter? Making upgrades and improvements to detached garages is often on the bottom of most homeowners’ DIY project lists, but a little winterization can totally transform a chilly detached garage into a perfect climate controlled space. If you are sick of getting into a freezing cold car every morning, or shivering while utilizing the workspace in your detached garage, try some of these winterization ideas. With just a little work, and a lot of insulation, your garage will be cool in the summer, warm in the winter, and comfortable year round.
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Garage Additions: What To Consider

Garage AdditionsVia:  houselogic – Evaluate Your House for a Garage Addition

Maybe you’re tired of getting drenched as you dash to your car on stormy days. Or you dream about having more space for storage, a workshop, a home gym, a kids’ play area, or even an office. If you’re thinking about a garage addition, it’s a decent investment. Remodeling magazine’s  Cost vs. Value Report found that a home owner who invests the national average of $48,806 in a midrange, two-car garage addition can expect to recoup about 64% of the cost at resale.

Before you can decide whether to go ahead with a garage project, you’ll need to make a few decisions:

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Attached vs. Detached Garages

Detached vs Attached GaragesMany homeowners face the attached vs. detached dilemma when considering adding a new garage. No question, garages are essential for homeowners, but which type is best for you?

A lot of that decision is based on personal preference and building codes. Some building codes may not permit a detached garage, or you may not have enough land space. Ultimately, there are benefits and drawbacks to each type, so it is important it meets your particular needs. Consider these three factors from HomeAdvisor: lot size and shape, intentions for the garage, what fits your home best, and overall building considerations.

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