How Professional Floor Coating Can Enhance Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage floor coatingIf you have ever attempted to complete a project in a garage on the standard garage flooring, you understand what a nightmare it can be. Between oil stains, paint spills, and cracks, your flooring quickly becomes a visual nightmare. One way to protect your custom garage investment is to upgrade the traditional concrete slab to a stylish and durable coated garage floor. If this is a feature you think you could benefit from, you are probably right, and here is why: Read more

Should You Get a Garage Floor Mat for Snow and Ice Protection?

Garage SnowIt’s upon us.  The snow is slowly falling down in Illinois and with it comes the beginning of the holiday season.  It also means that winter is trickling into the area.  A winter that many believe to be one of the most snow-laden winters in recent history.  Just ask the people of Buffalo how badly the snow can get. Read more