Are You Considering a Garage Expansion?

expansionWhether you are looking to house your in-laws, store an extra vehicle, or add a home office to your property, a garage expansion is a great option to consider. Increasing the size of your garage can be done in a number of ways, and the garage specialists at Blue Sky builders can help you explore the possibilities. An expansion can be done quickly, cost effectively, and can help add value to your home as well as functionality. When deciding whether to expand your existing garage or not, here are few things to consider.
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What’s on Your Home Improvement Wish List?

New Garage PlanningWelcome to the holiday season.  While stores (and radio stations) may have been trying to convince you that the holiday season may have started the day after Halloween, here at Blue Sky Builders, we are the traditionalists who decorate our homes the day after Thanksgiving.  With the kids writing their wish lists to Santa, we would like to ask you, “What’s on your home improvement wish list in 2015?” Read more