How to Clean Your Garage After it Floods

garage flooding Following the devastation that Hurricane Harvey has brought to the Houston area, the news has been filled with images of flooded streets and homes. One particular video from a local news station caught our eye can be seen below. Read more

Help! My Garage Is Flooded

floodIf you have experienced flooding in your garage, you are likely wondering how to proceed. Flooding in your home or garage is problematic for a number of reasons. Excess water can damage the structure and floor of your garage, and any items you have stored there are at risk of being damaged. If you have flood water in your garage, it is best to take action immediately, before any further damage can be done. Additionally, it is a great idea for any garage owner to take extra preventative measures to ensure their garage is flood proof, or at least resistant to water, to keep flood water from doing any future damage. Below, we break down how flood water can damage your garage, the steps you can take to prevent flood damage, and what you should do if you have current flooding in your garage.
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