New Technologies and Special Features for Custom Garages

Blue Sky Builders custom garage features and technologyEveryone deserves a garage that best fits their needs and wants. During this time of the year, you may be starting to consider the types of features you would like to have for your garage. If you just want a place to store your car and other personal items, or if you are planning to use your garage to host social gatherings, you will want to be up to date with the best features that will give your garage a unique feel. Read more

Convert Your Garage into a Showroom

SHOWROOMGarages can be used for so much more than simply storing vehicles. We love watching homeowners get creative with their garages and using their space effectively. We have seen some amazing home gyms, additional living spaces, and workshops all built in converted garages. It is amazing what a little creativity can do to an otherwise neglected garage.
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9 Ways to Take Advantage of Your Garage Space

Taking Advantage of Garage Space As the cost of real estate rises, the garage has become valuable extended square footage. And cars are often left outside in favor of a gym, playroom, or craft areas (Garage History).

Your garage can be used for so much more than just parking your car. With that in mind, Garage Door Repair created an infographic sharing creative ways to take advantage of the space in your garage as long as you are in accordance with your local building codes and permits. View the full infographic. See 9 of those ideas below!

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