How to Set Up a Swap Meet in Your Garage

Blue Sky Image (1)While they are a fairly common sight in suburban neighborhoods, organizing a swap meet in your garage can be a bit of a challenge for beginners who… well … uhm … okay, fine. Setting up your garage for a swap meet is a pretty easy task. Nevertheless, there are some things that can go wrong and you are bound to make a few mistakes if you go into your swap meet completely blind. Fortunately, those in need of advice have come to the right place. Featured below is our list of the most important parts of every swap meet:

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Is a Fall Garage Sale a Good Idea?

fall-garage-saleWith cold weather in full swing (and even snow!), many people would tell you that garage sale season is over. Spring and summer are both widely considered the best seasons of the year to host a yard sale for many reasons. Millions of Americans participate in “spring cleaning” each year and discover many unused valuables that they then sell at a garage sale. What if, however, you find yourself needing a garage sale in the fall? While fall may not be the most popular season of the year to host a sale, you should not be discouraged. A fall garage sale can have many advantages.
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Tips on Running a Successful Garage Sale

Garage Sale Tips

An important aspect of maintaining your house and garage is keeping it clear of clutter. A good tactic is to do this at least once or twice a year. However, when you decide what you want to part with, what do you do with it? Rather than throwing your old belongings in the trash, you can make a profit and hold a garage sale. In the summer months, many shoppers traverse their neighborhoods for the best deals on gently used items. Read below for our steps on how to prepare a successful garage sale and make some money out of your garage this summer.
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