Why a Detached Garage Is Right for You

detachedIf you are in need of a new garage, you are faced with an important choice; do you build an attached or detached garage? Both designs have unique advantages and disadvantages, so it is best to consider your lot size and the intended purpose of your new structure when choosing between the two. Attached garages are often cheaper, as contractors are able to utilize one of your home’s pre-existing walls during construction. For those with limited space, however, or for homeowners looking for more freedom during the building process, a detached garage is often the right choice. Below we detail the reasons a detached garage may be the best choice for your home, and some downsides to consider as well.
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Which Garage Style Should You Choose?

garage stylesBuilding a new garage or remodeling your preexisting structure can boost your property value and provide your home with some additional curb appeal . As winter finally comes to an end, many homeowners are pursuing their dreams of a perfect garage. With the wide variety of different styles available, there is no better time to check out a new garage, but choosing which style to go with can be challenging. When deciding what type of garage to build, there are a variety of factors to consider. Should you choose a tried a true gable or hip style garage, or unleash your creative side and pursue a custom garage? The possibilities may seem endless, but the specialists at Blue Sky Builders are here to help.
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Motor Mansions: Ultimate Celebrity Garages

Celebrity GaragesAnyone can buy a fleet of Porsches or caravan of Ferraris—okay well maybe not anyone—but its takes a real “big time” celebrity to construct a garage more expensive and fancier than most people’s houses. Check out some of these mind-blowing garages of celebrities with a serious need for speed and style. Try to guess which celeb owns each automotive palace—the answers are at the end but no cheating!

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Types of Garages: Gable Garages

Garage Types: Gable Garage In our three-part garage type series we will be focusing on the different types of garages that are available, details on each type, and real pictures of garages we have built. This post will focus on Gable Garages.

Gable garages are one of the most common types of garage. This simple, yet practical style of garage offers numerous possibilities.

What is a gable garage? With two sloping sides that come together at a ridge, gable garages are built to match the gables on the house. The triangular gable faces the front. Below we will share some advantages of gable garages, pictures of gable garages we have built in the Chicago area, and some information on reverse gable garages.

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