Why Your Dream Garage Should Have Two Stories

Blue Sky Builders custom two story garageDo you have any childhood memories of playing in an attic? Many of us spent our childhoods playing in and around the second story of a custom-built garage, and we may wish to recreate this type of environment for ourselves or our own children. If you have your own memories of playing in a big attic or the second story of a garage, that nostalgia may be all you need to make the decision in favor of building a two-story garage. However, if you need more practical reasons, consider the following: Read more

A Brief History of American Garages

historyGarages have become an integral part of daily life in America. Many of us use our garage for a variety of purposes: storing our vehicles, working on projects, storing household items, and more. Some of America’s most successful companies got their start in garages. Many of our favorite bands launched their careers from garages. Most people use our garage as the door to our homes, so it is hard to image a time when garages did not come standard with houses. In fact, today’s modern garages are a far cry from their predecessors of the early 1900’s. Do you know how garages came about in America? It all started with one incredible invention: the automobile.
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Garage Makeover: Alternative Uses For Your Garage

Garage MakeoverEverything that is not wanted in the house but too heavy to put in the attic is banished to the stockpile accumulating in the garage. Before you know it, every inch of space in your garage has been consumed by items that will be needed “one day”. But until that day all potential usage of the garage is eliminated—even the car has been pushed out onto the driveway. For some households, the family car relocating outside the house may be inevitable, but that does not justify the conversion of potential living space into an ever-growing dumping ground. Even if you are one of the few not feeling cramped in your home, this extra space can make life easier and add a new depth to the value of your home.

Need help brainstorming? Check out these great ideas!

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