New Technologies and Special Features for Custom Garages

Blue Sky Builders custom garage features and technologyEveryone deserves a garage that best fits their needs and wants. During this time of the year, you may be starting to consider the types of features you would like to have for your garage. If you just want a place to store your car and other personal items, or if you are planning to use your garage to host social gatherings, you will want to be up to date with the best features that will give your garage a unique feel. Read more

Turning Your Garage into a Home Bar

Home BarSomething a lot of people have dreamed of at some point in their life is owning their own bar. Rather than trekking across town to pay for overpriced drinks, you could host your family and friends and avoid crowds. While owning a bar is not a possibility for everyone, building a bar is a project that almost anyone can tackle. And the perfect place for this project is the most underutilized room of the house — the garage. While your garage might not initially seem like the comfiest place to have a drink with your friends, after a little clean up and paint job it will soon become your new favorite hangout.
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