How to Replace Your Garage Light Bulbs with LEDs

Blue Sky Builders garage LED light bulbsIf you have been confused by the changes in light bulbs over the last few years, you are not alone. Most of us grew up with incandescent light bulbs and are still figuring out the transition to LED bulbs on the market. For example, in the incandescent world, we knew were supposed to buy heavy-duty bulbs marked “outdoor use” for fixtures in and around the garage. You probably even have some yellow bulbs for use in the summer to avoid a swarm of bugs around your doors. But what is the right replacement in the world of LED bulbs? Read more

LED Lighting for Your Garage

ledIt can happen to anybody. You pull up into your garage one evening, step out of your car, and reach for the light switch, only to discover that your overhead garage light has burned out. Even the tidiest of garages can be a bit creepy at night, and nobody wants to feel like they are trapped in a scene from a scary movie. Or, perhaps you are working on a project in your garage, but the dim fluorescent or incandescent lighting in your space is making completing the task difficult. If you are sick of dealing with lighting issues in your garage, consider switching to LED lighting. LED (light-emitting diodes) is one of today’s fastest growing lighting technologies, and also one of the most energy efficient options you can choose to install. LED lights are simple to use, will brighten any space, and have a much longer life span than other lighting options.
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