3 Ways to Bring More Natural Light Into Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage natural lighting optionsDoes your garage feel dark all the time? While installing more electric lighting is one way to address this, another option is to let in more natural light. Here are three ways you can add more natural light when rebuilding or remodeling your garage:

  • Replace a solid entry door with a full-window or half-window door.
  • Replace a solid garage door with one that has windows.
  • Add more windows to the walls.

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Your Dream Home Is Not Finished Until You Have a Dream Garage

Blue Sky Builders dream garageYour dream home might be a 1,800 square foot cottage near your relatives in Chicago or a 4,000 square foot luxury home in Wheaton within a short commute to your job. Whatever its size and value, it is yours, and you have put a lot of time and effort into making that house a home. But there is one thing you may not have finished yet, and that is the garage. Your dream home is not complete until you have the custom garage of your dreams. Read more

Maintaining a Safe Home Workshop

Garage Safety TipsAs a homeowner, your workshop may be the only place to work on home projects.  As one of the more durable and spacious locations in the home, the garage is one of the best locations to set up a workbench, store tools and supplies, and complete the home projects you wanted to get done 4 months ago.  But before you set up shop, we would like to walk you through an important factor in using a workshop in the garage—safety. Read more