The Best Paint to Use for Your Garage

Blue Sky ImageIf you spend a lot of time in your garage, the environment you create in that space is important. One key decision you will have to make when decorating your garage is what kind of paint is best for you to use on the walls. There are many different types of paint that you can use on the walls of your garage. Some are more specialized, while others are just simply used for design purposes.

Specialized paints
There are certain types of paint that serve a specific purpose. For example, a semi-gloss paint helps prevent dirt particles from showing and makes it easier to wipe down the walls without showing any damage. If you wish to keep your garage clean, you may want to choose a washable paint so that you do not have to worry about overall wear when you wash the walls of your garage.

Anti-mold paint
Before purchasing anti-mold paint, ask yourself if you can paint over mold if you use mold resistant paint. Although it is ultimately up to you, it is not recommended to paint over mold, even if it is with anti-mold paint. That specific type of paint will resist the development of mold if applied to a mold-free surface, but it will not fully eliminate mold already on the surface. Painting over existing mold can actually make it more difficult to see when that mold begins to grow and spread. As long as you apply this paint first before the mold is forming, you should be in the clear. Zinsser is one brand that produces a type of anti-mold paint. The paint is a mold killing primer that can be used to eliminate mold, mildew, moss, fungi, and odor-causing bacteria.

Light-colored paint
When choosing the paint color for your garage, you may want to think about what kind of activities you wish to do in your garage. For example, if you use your garage for mostly work, try considering a light color. Lighter shades reflect the most sunlight, which will keep the garage cool and comfortable to be in when you are trying to get work done. If you spend a good amount of time in your garage, whether you work in it or not, you still may want to paint the walls a lighter shade to reduce the temperature in the garage.

Darker colors cover dirt
Keep in mind that not every light color is going to suit the overall decor of your garage. Some garages tend to get dirtier than others. If this is the case for you, you may want to paint your walls a darker color so dirt does not appear. Avoid whites and yellow shades—choose a gray or brown instead.

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