The Surprising Benefits of a Two-Story Garage

Blue Sky Builders two-story garageGarages have transformed throughout history from housing for horses and carriages to a structure to keep luxury investments out of the elements and secured. Presently, garages can be whatever a homeowner prefers. Sometimes, this preference changes throughout one’s ownership of a home. While some families choose to store their vehicles inside their garage, others use their garage space for convenient storage units, home gyms, man caves, and even as additional living space. Consider the possibilities of doubling that potential square footage. How could your family benefit from such an investment?

Imagine the Possibilities

Whether you are considering installing a new structure or increasing the capacity of an existing building, your family will benefit in a variety of ways by having a two-story garage. Imagine your home investment with an architecturally matching miniature version of the larger main home. The vision of a matching pair of structures creates a dominating and an attractive presence which adds to your home’s resale value. A garage is often in the top five priorities potential home buyers consider when making a purchase decision. To top it off, the curb appeal of a two-story garage unit is unparalleled.

While the increase to your home’s value provided by a two-story garage will impact your family in the long-term, you can immediately enjoy the functionality of the additional space. Uses of the second floor include:

  • Extra storage
  • Increased livable square footage
  • Added height for items such as a car lift

Building Up Versus Building Out

Chicago and its surrounding cities are densely populated, giving each home minimal opportunity for single-level additions without sacrificing essential yard space or encroaching on the neighbors’ property. Where zoning complications are a concern, building additions to the top of your home may be a viable solution. Although your contractor may need to make alterations to the foundation and lower level of the house to compensate for the added weight of the structure, the adjustments do not take away from the backyard entertainment space.

Hire an Experienced Garage Professional

Many homeowners have real construction abilities; however, we do not recommend testing them out on investments as substantial as a new garage. Our garage professionals will examine your existing structure to assess the feasibility of an addition. Additionally, our experienced builders will verify that your dream garage adheres to zoning laws. Blue Sky Builders has more than 39 years of experience building custom garages in Chicago and the surrounding areas. We take pride in our reputation for reliable and outstanding service. To find out how we can help you build your dream garage or make your existing garage better suited to your needs, call us today at 630-852-8485 or contact us online. Please visit our gallery to see some of our past garage projects.

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