Tips for Heating Your Chicago Area Garage

Tips-for-Heating-Your-Chicago-Area-GarageWe have talked before about various methods of controlling the climate in your garage, but what are your options for heating a garage? Chicago area winters are often bitterly cold, and this year is proving to be no different. Keeping your garage warm and comfortable during winter can be beneficial or even necessary in some cases. Blue Sky Builders is here to give you a few ideas to find what method of heating is best for you and your garage. 

Electric Heaters

There are a few different options when it comes to electric heaters. Though they are not a permanent solution and can be dangerous ––  a portable electric heater can be handy in a pinch. They can be good if you do not need to be in the garage for a long time, but be careful not to knock them over or leave them on for long periods. 

Mounted electric heaters or baseboard heaters are a safer option as they are fixed and provide a more permanent solution. These can be fairly cost-effective, given the garage is properly insulated.

Gas Heaters

Another option could be running a gas heater from the wall or ceiling. This will require proper ventilation, however. If you are already using natural gas for your home, running an extra line into the garage would not be too difficult. Natural gas also heats spaces more effectively than electric sources. 

Combustion space heaters are also an option similar to their electric counterparts. Though a bit noisy, they are fairly economical and user-friendly. Once again, though, make sure you have proper ventilation before using such a tool.

Wood Burning Stoves

If you have a detached garage, one option could be using a wood-burning stove. Keep in mind to use clean wood for the fire, and it can be an excellent sort of heat. You will need to have the stove cleaned periodically. 

Heated Floor Panels

Installing a radiant floor system may be a little tricker for existing garages, but if you are looking into constructing a new garage or are interested in replacing the floor, it may be a fantastic option. It is not a project that can be done by yourself, however. Though it is a tricky and costly process, the results are highly beneficial. The systems are very quiet and help ensure even distribution of heat throughout the space.

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