Tips for Soundproofing Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage soundproofing and insulationA garage is an ideal place for homeowners to participate in activities that may be considered too loud inside a house. Holding band practice, cheering on your favorite team, or having a party can be noisy pursuits that may be enjoyed in a garage. However, while your garage is part of your private property, large amounts of noise could be distracting to your neighbors. To address this issue, soundproofing garage renovations may be the answer.

Soundproofing a Garage Door

A garage door is a large entry and exit way that provides a channel for sound to escape very easily. The addition of insulation to a garage door will decrease the amount of sound that can get out. A well-insulated garage is an investment that would not only keep sound inside the home, but it can also help prevent cold temperatures from creeping in. Whatever the occasion may be, an insulated garage door can help make your garage an ideal location during any time of the year. 

Going a step further, the installation of a new garage door could provide you with a renovated look that comes with the desired soundproofing benefits. There are several different types of materials on the market today that can be used for a garage door. One of the best choices for keeping sound from escaping would be a vinyl garage door built upon steel frames and filled with polyurethane insulation. By consulting with a professional contractor, you can ensure that a new garage door will meet your needs while providing an appealing look to your home. 

Soundproofing the Walls

Since garage walls are typically thin and uninsulated, installing extra material to absorb noise can help keep sound from spreading. Reinforcing thin walls with drywall and insulation can provide an extra buffer. Furthermore, the creation of a walled-off room within a garage may also keep sound from escaping, and materials such as acoustic blankets can be hung on the walls to provide additional soundproofing.  

Floors and Ceilings Are Important Too

Sound travels through many different areas and materials, and it may escape through a garage’s floor or ceiling. The movement of soundwaves through the floor can be halted by finding a material to absorb the sound. Placing a rug on the floor can be a quick fix, but a more permanent solution would be the addition of rubber coating to the ground. If this process is going to be done, it is important to ensure the floor is damage-free before moving forward. Similarly, a ceiling can be soundproofed by installing sound-blocking tiles. Tiles made of foam can soak up noise and prevent it from escaping the garage.

Contact Our DuPage County Garage Renovation Experts

A garage can be the perfect location for almost any activity, but you may need to take steps to ensure that you are not bothering your neighbors with loud noise. If you are considering renovations to your garage, it is important to have a plan and discuss your options with a trained professional. Our experienced Downers Grove custom garage specialists can work with you to ensure your garage meets your family’s needs. For a free estimate, please call Blue Sky Builders at 630-852-8485.   


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