Top Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Garage

Blue Sky Builders garage cleaning and reorganizationWith warmer weather here, many people are looking forward to getting outside for exercise or house projects that they may have put off during the winter. There is no time like the present to take on a task such as cleaning out your garage space. Although garages are one of the most frequently used spaces in a home, they can also be the most cluttered. According to the National Association of Professional Organizers, 50 percent of homeowners stated that their garage was their home’s most unorganized area. Below are some tips for clearing out your garage to create a more functional space for however you want to use it.  

Everything in its Place

There is an old saying that “There is a place for everything and everything in its place.” For neat freaks, this means that when things are put away in a designated spot, there tends to be less clutter. The first step in getting organized is to take inventory of what you have so you know what and how much you are dealing with. Here are some practical ways to begin cleaning out your garage:

    1. Take everything out of the garage. Make piles and categorize them as garbage, donations, or items to keep. Placing all items on a plastic tarp will help protect your driveway in case a paint can spills or a can of oil leaks.
    2. Sweep, wipe, and hose down the garage. Use a broom to get rid of accumulated dirt, dust that has built up, and deposits of salt that you might have tracked in with your vehicles during the winter months. Hosing the garage floor with water will get stubborn debris off of it. Wiping walls or shelving units with soap and water can make them look like new. Leave the garage door and any windows open to air the space out.
    3. Inspect and clean the garage door and opener. Look for any rust, warped parts, and other damage to your garage door. Make sure to check the springs, tracks, rollers, pulleys, and hinges. These parts can be lubricated if necessary, but a garage professional should be consulted if new parts are needed.
    4. Wash the garage windows, frames, trim, and siding. In addition to the walls and floor, the garage windows, any wood trim, and doorframes can all use a good cleaning after a harsh Illinois winter. Power washing the siding on the outside of the garage is an easy and quick way to take a layer of dirt and grime off.
    5. Create a plan for staying organized. With everything out of the garage and after getting rid of some old items, you can better assess your storage and organizational needs. Determine what is going back in the garage and how you want to access it. This may lead to enhancing your garage with storage solutions such as cabinetry or specialty shelving or rack units. Utilizing your garage’s overhead and wall space with hooks can keep tools and sports equipment out of the way.

Garage professionals can help with overhauling your garage to maximize its use while also giving it a fresh, clean look. Whether you simply want room to park your cars in your garage or intend to use it for entertaining purposes as an extension of your house, patio, or driveway, it is important to take care of this often overlooked area of your home.

Contact a Chicago Area Garage Builder

Spring is upon us, and so it is time to start spring cleaning projects. That may involve cleaning out your garage and organizing it. An accomplished DuPage County custom garage professional can help you achieve your goal of enhancing your garage space. At Blue Sky Builders, we have been creating multiple types of custom garages for over 42 years. To learn more about our services, call us today at 630-852-8485 and schedule a free estimate.

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