Turn Your Garage Into a Haunted House For Halloween

Haunted House in GarageOnly 15 more days until Halloween! If you are looking for some Halloween decoration ideas, consider turning your garage into a spooky haunted house. It is a nice way to enjoy a few scares, without breaking your budget. Check out the following 8 simple steps for transforming your garage (eHow):

1. Clean everything out of your garage that is on the floor. Leave any tools or other items that are hanging on the walls.

2. Create a maze through your garage by stacking cardboard boxes in a design that is conducive to your garage’s size. For instance, if you have a smaller garage, make the shape of a horseshoe so there is one exit and one entrance to the maze without any twists or turns. A more elaborate maze can be constructed if the garage is larger.

3. Paint the boxes black and cover them with black tarp, mesh or imitation spider webs.

4. Place plastic spiders on the boxes and hang bats and ghosts from the ceiling of the garage with string and tape (and any other creepy items you may have!). Hang some of them lower to the ground so guests walking through the maze come in contact with them.

5. Dim the lights in the garage to make it more difficult to find the end of the maze. You could also install a strobe light for added effect.

6. Set up a CD player that can blast scary Halloween sounds throughout the garage. A compilation compact disc of spooky noises, screams and cackles can be purchased at any chain retail store that has a Halloween section.

7. Dress up in a scary costume, hide somewhere in the garage and jump out to give your guests a little shock during their adventure.

8. Give your guests a treat at the end of the maze for making it through the haunted house.

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