Ways To Upgrade Your Chicago Area Garage

ways-to-upgrade-your-garageAre you getting the most out of your garage or is it just a space to store things and park a car? Your garage can be so much more. An upgrade to your garage can give you more opportunities to utilize the space and increase your home’s value. Here are a few examples of how you can spruce up your garage and turn it into a brand-new space!

Practical Upgrades

There are a few different routes you can take when making upgrades to your garage. The first step is cleaning up and organizing the space to get a scope of your garage. This can also help bring to light any areas that could use improvement.

Connecting a Detached Garage – If your house and garage are separate, perhaps it is time to look into connecting the two with a breezeway or corridor. This is contingent on a few factors but is definitely worth looking into if it is an option for you financially.

Adding Additional Storage – If you find yourself struggling with keeping things organized in the garage, consider looking into additional cabinets or other storage systems. A lot of garages have overhead space that could be better utilized with shelving to store items. New shelving, hook systems, and storage lockers are also great ideas.

Putting in Plumbing – It may not be the highest priority on your list, but running plumbing out to your garage can have a lot of benefits. If you need a sink often enough while working, adding plumbing to a garage can change the game for home projects. If space allows, you could add a bathroom to the garage. This can be useful on days when you are working outside and getting dirty but need to use the bathroom. You will no longer worry about tracking dirt through the home or having to change clothes just to use the restroom.

Cosmetic Upgrades

Perhaps your home and garage were built at separate times, or your home was renovated and your garage was not? Maybe the look of your garage was never quite what you pictured. There are a lot of features and changes to be made that can transform the space into the garage of your dreams.

New Garage Door – There are several options on style and material for your garage door these days. You can even add designs and pick a stylish color to give it an accent.

Bring in Some Light – Many garages are built without windows. Putting in a few can make a world of difference and make it feel like an entirely new space. It can also help with regulating temperature as well. 

Changing the Siding – If your garage has been through multiple seasons and is beginning to show signs of weathering, you could look into upgrading the siding. As with garage doors, there are several materials that could be better suited for your needs and your climate. 

Reach Out to a Downers Grove Custom Builder

If you are thinking your garage is in need of some sprucing up, maybe now is the time! By contacting our DuPage County garage renovation experts, you can begin to plan the space of your dreams. Call Blue Sky Builders at 630-852-8485 today!

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