What Are the Benefits of a Radiant Heating System in Your Garage?

Blue Sky Builders radiant garage floor heatingAs wintertime weather begins to approach the Chicagoland area, homeowners may be looking for ways to keep their garages warm. Options such as insulation and portable space heaters are relatively simple solutions that can help at times; however, they might not be the most ideal solution. If you plan on using your garage throughout these cold months, installing a radiant heating system may be your best option. Before rushing into a major garage renovation project, you should consult an experienced garage professional.    

What Is a Radiant Heating System?

Unlike a space heater, a radiant heating system will supply heat to wherever the system is installed. For example, if the system is installed under the floor, heat will be transferred throughout the entire ground. The heat will be evenly delivered throughout the area of installation. Simply put, radiant heating involves the installation of a heat source behind or underneath a surface. 

Different Types of Radiant Floor Heating Systems

Radiant floor heating can provide a more balanced temperature level throughout your entire garage. Relying on convection, heat will rise from your floor and distribute evenly. If you choose to move forward with a radiant heat floor system, you will have two different options to choose from:

  • Electric Radiant Floors: Electric coils are installed underneath the floor to produce heat.
  • Hydronic Radiant Floors: The more cost-effective option, these systems pump heated water through tubing laid under the floor. 

Installation of a Radiant Floor Heating System

Either a wet or a dry installation method will be used to install an electric or hydronic radiant heating system in your garage floor. Each method has its own benefits:

  • Wet installations involve placing either the cable or tube into concrete. This process both protects the material and provides a thermal mass to absorb heat.
  • Dry installations utilize prebuilt panels that have tracks for the radiant tubing within their design. This makes it easy for installers to loop the tubes as needed before covering the panels with flooring material.

Advantages of a Radiant Heating System

Installing a radiant heating system to your garage can be one of the more efficient ways to fight against the cold. In addition to high quality heating, a radiant heating system:

  • Is energy efficient 
  • Requires low operating costs after installation
  • Produces little to no noise
  • Will not take up any room
  • Can improve air quality 

Contact Our DuPage County Garage Construction Experts

If you wish to keep your garage warm throughout the winter season, our knowledgeable Downers Grove garage renovation experts can help you determine whether a radiant heating system is right for you. At Blue Sky Builders, we can answer any questions you may have about garage improvements. To receive a free estimate, contact our office at 630-852-8485.

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