What Are the Best Smart Garage Door Openers and Controllers?

DuPage County garage home theater expertsIf you have been updating your home to make it into more of a smart home, you might be thinking of extending the convenience of such technological advancements to your custom garage. There are plenty of ways to make your garage smarter, but the most obvious way is to install a smart garage door opener or convert your existing opener into a smart opener using a smart garage door controller. This type of garage renovation is not too difficult, but picking the right device is critical. Here is a comparison of the most popular devices to make your garage door opener smart:

Smart Garage Door Openers and Controllers Compared

There are many smart garage door openers and controllers out there, and it might be difficult to decide which one you should get. While one device will not necessarily fit the bill for everybody, odds are there is at least one that is the right fit for you and your garage. Here are some examples of top-of-the-line equipment:

  • Chamberlain myQ—This is a controller that will convert your existing garage door opener to a smart opener. It is one of the most compatible of these devices, since it works with numerous openers and third-party smart home devices and systems, including Google Assistant and IFTTT. Installation is not too difficult since it does not require hardwiring. While the affordable price is nice, there is a membership fee for some smart home compatibility features.
  • Chamberlain B970—Using the same smart technology as the myQ, this opener will be a strong replacement for your old electric garage door opener. In addition to the impressive smart capabilities of the myQ, the opener itself has a powerful motor yet remains quiet when in use. Unfortunately, it is very expensive, and it can be a challenge to install. However, with the right garage specialist, it can be installed without any issues.
  • Garadget—One of the most affordable controllers, this device already has an Alexa skill and can be used with Google Assistant through IFTTT. Its accompanying app is limited in smart capabilities, but it enables smart opening/closing and remote access.
  • Nexx—Another affordable controller, this device enables free smart commands without IFTTT. It requires a complicated installation, and a garage renovation expert can help ensure that it is set up and working properly.
  • Genie MachForce Screw Drive 2 HPc—With a powerful motor and silent, smooth operation, this opener is a decent competitor to the B970 from Chamberlain. A major drawback is that the smart operations are all restricted to Genie’s own Aladdin Connect app, which means you cannot connect it with your other smart devices and systems.
  • Gogogate 2—As another controller that can be used to convert your old garage door opener into a smart opener, this device supports camera integration, multiple users, and more than one garage. While it can be introduced into your smart ecosystem through Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, and Nest, doing so usually requires specific IFTTT triggers.

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