What Are the Different Ways to Heat My Garage During the Winter?

Blue Sky Builders garage heating solutionsThese days, many people are spending more time at home due to the coronavirus pandemic. With fall upon us and winter right on its heels, cooler temperatures are coming to Illinois. Family time is great, but there comes a point when you might want to escape for a little “me” time. Turning your garage into a retreat might be easier than you think. By adding a heating element to this space, you can use it during the colder months, not just in the summertime. Read on to learn how you can enhance your garage by making it warm and inviting.  

Heating Elements

Determining your heating needs can involve knowing how you will use your garage in the winter. From making crafts to hosting poker night or working out, there are many uses for a garage besides just housing cars or tools. Here are a few ways to safely and reliably heat your garage:

  • Insulation: Add insulation to the inside of your garage door and the walls and ceilings, if possible. You can also put clear plastic film over windows to seal any cracks where heat may escape.
  • Forced-air heater: These heaters blow hot air into the garage space. When installed, they can hook up to your home’s gas or propane line.
  • Convection heater: Similar to a space heater, a convection heating unit may be powered by electricity, gas, or propane.
  • Electric ceiling panels: These types of radiant electric panels are typically one inch thick, and they can be mounted on your garage’s existing ceiling. Considered an energy-efficient option, they heat up quickly and cool down just as fast.
  • In-floor heating system: Metal or copper coils can be installed underneath the floor of your garage to keep everything warm. This can be ideal for when you are working on your car or other projects in the winter.
  • Infrared heater: Low-intensity infrared tubes can heat any space by radiating heat throughout the area. However, these types of heaters can take some time to fully heat a space.
  • Portable space heater: A fairly cheap and simple way to add a heat source to any room or space, space heaters come in various sizes to fit your budget. They are very portable and easy to store in the summer.
  • Wood-burning fireplace: Make sure to follow local ordinances and obtain any required permits before installing a wood-burning fireplace in your garage. Remember to clean the flue and chimney to provide a safe environment for you and any guests.
  • Propane heater: A propane tank appliance can instantly warm your space with an automatic setting or manual ignition. This heating option is portable and affordable.

Contact a Chicago Area Garage Expert

Utilizing every inch of your garage can benefit the whole family. Heating this space allows you to use it year-round, even in the cold Illinois winters. With over 40 years of hands-on experience building and renovating custom garage spaces, Blue Sky Builders is committed to meeting all of your needs. We will assist you with finding the best way to improve your garage, which may include adding a heating element. Call our Downers Grove garage professionals today at 630-852-8485 to request a free estimate.

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