What Garage Style is Right for You?

How to Choose the right Garage TypeWhether you’re looking to build from the ground up or looking to tear down and rebuild, the possibilities are endless when it comes to your new garage. Whether you’re looking for gable, gambrel, custom, or hip; it’s important to consider the benefits and key uses for each.

  • Are you going to be using your garage for more than parking cars?
  • Will you use your garage for storage? What will You Store?
  • How many cars (if any) will go in the garage?
  • What does the roof line on your house look like?
  • One door or two doors? Single or double?
  • Where will you be putting entry doors? Front? Side? Back?

These are just a few questions to ask yourself before and during your consultation with a garage building professional. Once you understand these aspects, it’s time to decide on the style: Gable, Gambrel, Hip, or Custom—which includes elements of one of the above in addition to window dormers, decks, or more.

Gable Garage

Gable garages are a common type of detached garage, with two sloping sides that come together at a point. The reason that many homeowners would consider a gable garage is that the roof pitch can be slanted at different angles depending on your need.

When deciding on gable garages, homeowners generally have two main options: Front-Gable and Side-Gable

In garages, a front-gable is where the door sits below the gable:

Two Car Garage with Gable Roof Gable Garage for Extra Storage Gable Garage
22 by 22 gable garage entry door Custom Gable Garage Gable Garage with Patio

This is compared to a side-gable or reverse gable, in which the flat portion of the roof sits above the garage door:


Reverse Gable Garage Three Car Reverse Gable Garage Reverse Gable

Advantages of Gable/Reverse Gable Garages

  • Sturdy design
  • Allows for vaulted ceilings, increasing storage space
  • The sleep slopes allow rain and snow to run off much more easily than other types of roofs
  • The pitch can be varied to match the look of your home
  • Windows can be added to the gable ends
  • Shakes and frieze boards can be installed to dress up the front

Gable Garage Projects

For more information on gable garages in the Chicagoland Area, see some of the projects we’ve completed in the past few years:

Hip Garages

If you want a gable garage, but without the gables, the hip roof style is right for you. These roofs are very popular on stand-alone garages because they diminish the roof line so it competes less with the house roof, or other roofs nearby.

Economical and aerodynamic in areas with high winds, these garages are good for everything except for overhead storage.

A hip garage may seem like the most basic and simple option, but with the right touches, it can be an extremely attractive addition to your home and property while still being affordable and functional.

As mentioned above, these work well for detached garages so that they do not overtake the view of the house and blend well with the community.


Hip Garage with patio Hip Garage Covered Patio Hip Garage

Advantages of hip garages include:

  • Strong and cost-effective
  • Similar to a gable garage, 4 slopes allow rain and snow to run off
  • Easy to incorporate into an existing structure

Hip Garage Projects

See some of the happy homeowners for whom we’ve built garages with hip-style roofs, including testimonials and locations:

Gambrel Garage

Do you like barns? Do you like storage? Do you want to minimize the potential for wind damage? Then choosing a gambrel-style roof for your new garage may be the right option.

Garages with a gambrel roof, also known as “barn style”, have a straight ridge in the center like gable garages. However, they differ in that there are two roof sections on each side of a gambrel garage, as opposed to one.  The lower roof section has a steep pitch while the higher roof section has a much shallower pitch.

As with gable garages, you also can have the roof slope facing the front or side of the garage entrance.

Gambrel Garage Chicago Illinois Side Gambrel Garage Roof Gambrel Garage

Advantages of Gambrel-Style Garages

  • Because of the shape of the roof, gambrel garages offer the most space
  • Could, if needed, allow for a second floor (Maybe a home office or man cave?)
  • Handles wind loads well
  • Again, steep sides allow rain and snow to run off easily

But Wait, There’s More! Custom Roof Styles

Maybe you like one of the above, but want a bit of flair. Maybe you need to perfectly match your house. Possibly, you want a deck or patio. When you want or need a custom garage, the possibilities are limitless.

Below are some examples of custom garage roof styles that we’ve matched with homes or homeowner needs.


Custom Garage with Patio Custom 22 by 54 garage Three Dormer Gable Garage
Custom Garage with Kickout Custom Garage Gable Roof Gable with Dormer

See the rest of our best work at our garage gallery, and contact us for more information and to schedule an appointment!

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