What Home Buyers Want for Garages in 2019

Blue Sky Builders 2019 garage updatesThinking about possible home improvements in 2019? Want to make sure those home and garage improvements are going to make your home appeal to future buyers? According to the National Association of Home Builders, these are some of the top features currently desired by home buyers:

  • 92% want a convenient, roomy laundry room.
  • 92% want exterior lighting.
  • 90% want energy efficiency to control HVAC and electricity costs.
  • 86% want good garage storage space.

If you are planning to do some work on your garage in the coming year, you should consider the following:

Garage storage. A well-designed storage system in the garage can boost your home value for several reasons. First, today’s home buyers are mostly Millennials, who prefer a streamlined look in their homes without a lot of clutter. Second, the garage is usually much more conveniently accessible than an attic or basement. Third, particularly in suburban homes, homeowners are more likely to enter their home through the garage than through the front door on a daily basis, so they want this space to feel welcoming.

Finally, today’s home buyers prefer a smaller home that is move-in ready with more upscale features over one that needs work and upgrading. Most do not have the time, skill, or desire to put “sweat equity” into a home. However, they still need storage space, and the garage can fill that need.

Exterior lighting. Proper lighting is just as important on the garage as around the front door to the house. Curb appeal is enhanced by attractive lighting on either side of the garage door that coordinates with the light fixtures on the rest of the house. Floodlights attached to garage eaves can help illuminate the driveway and yard, making it easier to work and play outside all year long. However, it is important to be aware of the growing issue of light pollution. Check for any local ordinances governing exterior lights and do your best to keep your lights from shining into a neighbor’s windows.

Energy efficiency. Garages can also contribute to a home’s efficiency; just think about how often you open that door from the house to the garage to put out trash and recyclables or to grab a tool. Consider the benefits of an insulated overhead garage door coupled with well-sealed human entry/exit doors.

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