What Is the Best Garage Door Opener for iPhone Users?

Blue Sky Builders smart garage door opener iphoneGarage door openers have entered into the new digital space of the Internet of Things (IoT). As we have previously mentioned on this blog, there are many different kinds of electric garage door openers that can connect to your home’s Wi-Fi and allow your garage door to be operated wirelessly by a mobile device. However, when deciding which kind of equipment to use for your garage, it is important to consider whether it will work with your preferred mobile operating system. Many people are surprised to learn how different an Android phone can be from an iPhone, and they may be even more surprised to learn that different mobile operating systems interact differently with various IoT devices. If you are an iPhone user and are considering getting an IoT garage door opener, then one option that can provide benefits is the Insignia Wi-Fi remote controller.

What Is the Insignia Wi-Fi Remote Controller?

The Insignia Wi-Fi remote controller is an inexpensive option to consider when modernizing your garage. It consists of two separate devices, the first being the controller which commands your garage door opener to open or close. The second is a sensor which confirms whether this action has occurred and releases a beeping noise that alerts everyone in the vicinity that the garage door is about to open or close. The Insignia works in sync with Siri on an iPhone or any other Apple device, and it can be controlled through voice commands, such as “Siri, open the garage door.”

What are the Benefits of the Insignia?

The Insignia is a great garage door opener remote for Apple users because it does not use a separate app, and it is cost effective. Many garage door openers have an associated application that must be downloaded onto one’s phone and other devices in order to use it. The problem with this is that if there is a problem with the software, then the app could become inoperable, and an expensive IoT electric garage door opener may no longer reliably open and close one’s garage door.

The Insignia device does not come with an app but can be accessed by pressing its icon on the iPhone’s home menu. In other words, without the need for an app, the Insignia works more naturally with your iPhone. In addition, the Insignia is inexpensive, since it has a retail price of only $50.00.

Contact a Downers Grove Garage Repair and Installation Professional

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