What to Avoid When Building Your Custom Garage

Untitled - 2023-10-20T111154.997Building a custom garage not only boosts your home’s value but also opens up a world of possibility. It gives you the ability to safeguard your vehicles, store sports equipment, and keep all of your personal items in one centralized spot. When you embark on your garage project, there are crucial aspects to keep in mind, ensuring that you steer clear of costly mistakes. 

Taking Quality Shortcuts

One of the most significant mistakes to avoid when building your custom garage is cutting corners on quality. Some homeowners try to save money during the construction phase by buying inferior materials. Instead, prioritize investing in high-quality materials such as sturdy metals, durable woods, and reliable insulation. The right investments now can prevent headaches and costly repairs in the future.

Neglecting the Floor’s Importance

Your garage floor is just as essential as the walls and roof, and not paying attention to it can lead to significant issues. An unsealed floor can allow moisture in your garage, which can cause damage to your personal items. Consider investing in professionally applied polyurea coatings, renowned for their superior moisture resistance and durability, ensuring your garage floor remains protected and functional for years.

Ignoring Future Home Value

Although you are building a custom garage, you should also consider the garage’s resale value. If your garage’s configuration is unique and very personalized, it might reduce the potential resale value of your home, since it becomes less attractive to potential buyers if the style is not what they are looking for. When you are crafting your very own custom garage, it is crucial to ponder what would catch the eye of a potential buyer. 

Not Consulting with Professionals

Building a garage requires knowledge and experience. By working with professional builders and architects, you can make sure that your garage is built to meet your needs, and to avoid costly mistakes. Building professionals can help you with everything from planning and permits to selecting materials and ensuring that your garage is structurally sound. Hiring skilled and reputable professionals also ensures proper installation and construction. This will help guarantee that your custom garage not only meets your needs but also stands the test of time, remaining functional, secure, and resilient against wear and tear. 

Speak with our Downers Grove Custom Garage Builders

Building a custom garage can add significant value to your home, but it must be done correctly. Avoiding the mistakes outlined in this blog post will help you save money, time, and help ensure your project’s success. Consulting with our professionals can help you avoid making costly mistakes when building your custom garage. You can contact our Chicagoland garage building experts at (630) 852-8485.


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