What Type of Lighting Should I Use for My Garage?

Blue Sky Builders garage lighting interior exteriorWhen building or remodeling your house and garage, there are many issues to address and decisions to make. From the color of the siding and roof shingles to the flooring material and garage door, it is crucial to research your options to make the best choices. One critical item to consider is lighting. During a garage remodel, you may want to think about the type of outside lighting in addition to the lights that will be installed inside the garage. Outdoor lighting can act as a safety measure to deter break-ins, while indoor lighting can be critical if your garage is being used for work-related tasks or vehicle repairs. Regardless of how your garage is going to be used, there are many different sizes, makes, and models of light fixtures that can enhance the look and feel of your garage space. 

Exterior Lighting

Outdoor garage lights can add aesthetic appeal to your home, but they also serve a functional purpose. You can install mounted fixtures on both sides of your garage door, or above it. In addition, you may want to ensure that lighting illuminates the surrounding driveway and sidewalk areas.

Outdoor lights are exposed to the elements, so they must be weather resistant. The Chicagoland area experiences all four seasons, so whatever lighting you choose must be able to withstand snow, ice, rain, wind, and sun.

Motion-detected or sensor lights can also enhance the security of your house and garage at night. In some cases, you may want to install floodlights that cover a large area, especially if you have a long driveway.

LED lights are a popular lighting option these days, since they are considered more environmentally friendly. They use less power while still providing adequate light to indoor and outdoor spaces. LED sources use at least 75 percent less energy than incandescent lighting, which saves on utility bills. LEDs also last longer than incandescent and fluorescent lights, resulting in less bulb maintenance.

Interior Lighting

Fluorescent lights are typically used inside garages. However, in colder climates, you should select a fluorescent fixture based on the lowest temperature in your garage. It is important to note that many fluorescent lights do not work below 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Another tip is to install fixtures with electronic ballasts instead of electromagnetic ones, since they work better in the cold.

How you use your garage can also dictate what kind of lighting you need. For example, if you do extensive car repairs or have a woodworking business, you may need a lot of light to see what you are doing. On the other hand, if you use your garage as a recreational area for watching TV or poker night, you may want softer lighting provided by lamps or canned lights if your ceiling is finished.

LED wraparound lights are ideal for garages with lower ceilings. Because they are installed level with the ceiling, they do not hang down, keeping them out of the way of ladders, work benches, tables, or other objects you might be moving around the garage space. Strip light fixtures are usually on a moveable pole, so they are easy to install and come in a variety of sizes for customizing your interior garage lighting.

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Your garage is an important part of your home. It is important to consider what kind of lighting you want for the outside as well as the inside based on how you use your garage. At Blue Sky Builders, we have more than 40 years of experience building and renovating all types of garages, and we understand how lighting can make or break this essential space. To schedule a free estimate, call our DuPage County garage lighting specialists today at 630-852-8485.

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