Why Your Dream Garage Should Have Two Stories

Blue Sky Builders custom two story garageDo you have any childhood memories of playing in an attic? Many of us spent our childhoods playing in and around the second story of a custom-built garage, and we may wish to recreate this type of environment for ourselves or our own children. If you have your own memories of playing in a big attic or the second story of a garage, that nostalgia may be all you need to make the decision in favor of building a two-story garage. However, if you need more practical reasons, consider the following:

Room for Hobbies

Do you have closets overflowing with hobby supplies? Are you tired of having nowhere to practice your hobby or wondering how long it will take to unbury your dining room table before you can even think about hosting a dinner party? Adding a second story to your garage could be the perfect solution.

Rental Income

Would you like to offset those Illinois property taxes with some rental income, even if it is just the occasional Airbnb or VRBO guest? One advantage of building a bed-and-bath or an entire apartment above your garage is that it can be completely separated from your house, protecting your privacy. You could even design it as a tiny house to serve as a launching pad for your 20-something kids, allowing you to keep the rent money in the family.

Business Office Space

If you run a business out of your home, you need a space designated solely for business use in order to deduct home-business expenses on your income tax return. If your house is short on space, a second-story garage space could solve that problem.

Work-Out Room

The second story of a garage can be a great place to set up a weight-lifting station, TRX straps, or even your yoga mat. Anyone with pets knows how hard it can be to do crunches in the living room with a dog in your face, so the garage could be the perfect exercise escape. That over-the-garage space could also give you enough room to invite friends over for private classes.

Outdoor Living

If your home sits on a small plot of land, your house and garage may take up most of the lot, leaving you with little outdoor space for relaxing and entertaining. More and more people in the Chicago area are building patios, pergolas, and screen porches on top of their garages. Add a few plants, and it can be even nicer than a ground level space, as it will not turn soggy and muddy when it rains.

Thinking About a Two-story Garage?

Over the past 39 years, Blue Sky Builders of Downers Grove has built custom garages in over 50 communities around the Chicago. Are you ready to discuss plans for your new garage? Contact us at 630-852-8485.

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