Winter in Illinois and How it Can Affect Garage Doors

blue-sky-builders-garage-doorWe are only a few days into 2022, and the Chicago area has already experienced freezing temperatures and considerable snowfall. When cold temperatures meet snow and ice, there are a slew of problems that can arise with your garage door. Dealing with a damaged garage door can be frustrating, but some of the solutions may be easier than you think. Whether it is the metal contracting, grease hardening, tracks warping, weather seal freezing, or springs breaking, the timing is never ideal for your garage door to break. Knowing what to do next is imperative in order to get your garage door working again.

What To Do When Your Garage Door First Breaks

When your garage door is no longer operating properly, you can try and troubleshoot the issue yourself. First, attempt to manually lift the door and if it is too unable to fully open, check to see where the door is getting caught. You may notice a bent track or a substantial grease buildup. If the door is too heavy to open, you likely have a broken spring. This will require the help of a garage door repair technician. If the door easily raises up and down by hand, the “force setting” on the garage door opener likely needs to be adjusted. If you are still unable to identify the problem, you should consult a licensed professional.

What to Watch For

Cold temperatures cause natural reactions that could affect the performance of your garage door. The colder it gets, the more likely the metal components related to your garage door can cause an issue. The metal tracks or the metal in the springs have the potential to seize up if temperatures become too extreme, so regularly lubricating the tracks and springs will help the functionality of the door when the temperature drops. A buildup of grease can become an issue in the winter because the grease will harden. When doing maintenance and spreading lubricant on the tracks and springs, use a small brush with a silicone-based solvent to help evenly spread the grease and prevent build-up.

How to Maintain a Properly Functioning Garage Door

After a garage door breaks, we wonder what we could have done to prevent it.  The good news is that basic standard maintenance will decrease the likelihood of problems arising. This maintenance is more effective when done in warmer temperatures and mainly consists of applying lubricant to the necessary portions of the garage door. Making sure that the tracks, springs, hinges, roller bearing, and screw drive are well lubricated, is a top priority. Evenly spreading the lubricant and wiping away any excess grease will prevent buildup and allow the garage door to function properly.

Contact Our Downers Grove Custom Garage Builders

As winter weather in the Chicago area continues to worsen, you may want to assess the status of your garage doors. If your self-check reveals a problem you can’t solve on your own, contact a professional. If the time has come for you to get a new garage, our Downers Grove garage builders can help. Contact our team today at 630-852-8485 to arrange a free estimate.

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