Hip garages are four sided, as opposed to the two-sided gable roof and are one of the most common type of garage for a variety of reasons.

A hip garage may seem like the most basic and simple option, but with the right touches, it can be an extremely attractive addition to your home and property while still being affordable and functional.

Advantages of hip garages include

  • Strong and cost-effective
  • Similar to a gable garage, 4 steep slopes allow rain and snow to run off
  • Easy to incorporate into an existing structure

Hip Garages in Chicagoland

Steep slopes are advantageous in areas that have a lot of snow in the winter. Therefore, hip garages are common in the Chicagoland area because we tend to receive a lot of snow. And hip garages are less vulnerable than gable garages to high wind.

Hip Garage Examples

Here are some hip garages we have built in the Chicagoland area :

Hip_Garage_30by22  Custom_Garage_21by22_Hip_Garage_Dormer  Custom_Hip_Garage_Dormer_24by24  Hip_Garage_23by23  Hip Garage 22x22




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