5 Creative Garage Storage Solutions for the Spring

Blue Sky Builders garage storage and organizationWhen the weather warms up in the spring, many homeowners choose to begin cleaning and reorganization projects. The garage is often the part of the home that needs the most attention, since items tend to pile up in this area. The floor and other parts of a garage may need cleaning due to the snow and mud that was tracked in during the winter, but first, space will often need to be cleared. To do so, homeowners may want to consider new storage solutions that will increase the usable space in their garage and make sure they can keep things well-organized.

Innovative Ideas for Garage Storage

Many garages have some basic storage solutions, such as wire shelves or stacks of bins. However, these are not always ideal, and it is not always easy to find or access items. If you are looking to begin a reorganization project, you may want to consider some of the following creative solutions:

  • Track system – Large tools and gardening equipment can sometimes be awkward to store. By mounting tracks on the walls of your garage, you can use hooks that slide horizontally, allowing you to make room for long-handled items such as rakes, shovels, weed whackers, as well as wheelbarrows, weed sprayers, or ladders.
  • Pegboards – Mounting a pegboard above your tool bench or in the area of your garage where you work on DIY projects will allow you to create custom arrangements of hooks where you can keep all of your tools organized and easily accessible.
  • Rolling shelves – Wire, metal, or plastic shelves may be placed against one wall of your garage, but you may want to be able to move these shelves around when needed. By mounting wheels to these shelves, you can make it easy to shift them to new positions to make space or provide easy access to different items at different times.
  • Ceiling-mounted shelves or tracks – You can clear up space on your garage floor by adding storage on the ceiling. Some types of shelves can be mounted to the ceiling, or tracks can be installed on the ceiling to allow bins to hang out of the way until they need to be accessed.
  • Pulley systems for bikes – Hooks mounted on a garage’s walls or ceiling are often used to store bikes, but it can sometimes be difficult to lift bikes up and make sure they are hanging in place. This can be made easier by using pulleys to lift bikes using hooks attached to a rope or cable.

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